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Game of Thrones Season Finale Recap: Episode 2.10 – Valar Morghulis

Game of Thrones 2.10

This season has flown by so fast I can’t even believe that it’s over.  I’ve said before that this series could benefit from either longer episodes ala BBC, or a longer season.  There is so much story to tell that it’s next to impossible to cover all the bases without a storyline or two suffering.  There have been a few episodes this season that felt a little disjointed because of the break neck speed in which the writers jumped from one place to another.  Others have dragged a bit but overall, the second season was stellar and think, in the end, the writers did a bang up job.

The second season finale visited a lot of places and a lot of characters so I was thankful that they gave us an extended episode.  Given, some of that time was taken up by the especially long flashback intro, but with a show like this, I feel that was needed.  Plus, the audience could use a refresher since last week’s “Blackwater” episode only focused on the events surrounding King’s Landing.  Since we haven’t seen the bulk of the cast in two or more weeks, there was no doubt that the writers were going to squeeze in as many as they could in to the finale.  The visits may have been brief, but the impact on what’s to come was huge.

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